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About Us

About Us:

At Grocery4me our mission is to provide high quality groceries to the communities we serve. To support healthy choices and transform your vitality and aliveness by bringing wholesome and nutritious ingredients to you and your family, straight to your home.

We aim to build a thriving sustaining cutting edge marketplace for the new age integrating technology, science of food, and bringing awareness to our customers on their food choices and the impact on their health.

What makes us unique?

We don’t just connect you to a local store, we are the source! At Grocery4Me we are working towards building a thriving sustaining cutting edge marketplace for the new age integrating technology and science of food by bringing awareness to our customers on their food choices and the impact on their health.  

Freshest Produce in the Bay Area.

While most stores store produce for weeks at a time, at Grocery4Me you can always expect the greatest quality of produce since our team members check the produce every single day to make sure any produce not up to our standards is either donated or thrown away. Making sure our quality of produce is always the best!

Healthiest Dry Goods?

Unlike other Online Indian “stores” Grocery4Me has a team specifically focused on the health benefits of every single item in our inventory! Our main goal is to fill the homes in our communities with nutritious groceries, which starts with only selling nutritious groceries. 


When you order from Grocery4Me, you can be sure you will receive your full order. We keep inventory of every product that enters our facility and every product sold. Meaning any product you purchase will be reserved for your order. (Dairy and Produce are  subject to distributors)  


As a start-up we know we ourselves can’t end world hunger, however we know that uniting with our community we can make a difference one step at a time! This is why Grocery4Me has partnered with SEWA. Currently helping them with the storage of their food dispensaries and the man power, thanks to our warehouse staff! We have plans to continue our partnership with SEWA as we have many other projects to come. 


The site is set up to shop just like a regular store. Just browse the categories for what you want using the categories links. 

Using this site is easy here are Some Tips :

  • Know Product Name ? On the top right click on the "Search" box and enter the item name. Note: sometimes we spell things differently, sometimes you may want to retry this.
  • Browsing Through A Category : We have arranged items by categories, after you click on a category, you can find all the items in that category. Here you can browse through the categories, go over all the items. From here you can add selected items to cart for purchase.
  • Listing Order : On the top right you can click on the list or grid views. By default we show you the items based on the order of popularity. Its usually the most requested items get placed first. The site also allows you to view listing alphabetically or by "price Low to High' .
  • Purchasing A Product : Once you are add an item to your cart, just type in the quantity and click the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Know Product Name ? Once you got everything you need then follow the instructions for "check out". To enable delivery please enter the necessary information, street address, the email address and phone number. Finally you will need to enter your billing address and credit card information. On successful checkout you will receive email confirmation.
  • Remember Your Account : You can login to your account and view past orders.