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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grocery4me.

Grocery4me is an online grocery store. We make grocery shopping easy and convenient. We are the only store to provide at home delivery.

How do I place an order at Grocery4me? 
Grocery4me is an online grocery store. We have made this very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can find products based on categories or by brand. If you want to search for a product then you can use our search option. You can add products to cart, select an delivery time and then go to the checkout page. Make payments online and place the order.
Do you honor same-day-delivery?
Due to extensive response because of COVID-19 we do not offer same-day-delivery at the moment. We are working hard to fulfill orders as soon as possible and hope to return to our old delivery policy as soon as possible. We understand these times are hard for everyone and are working on a first come first serve basis.
Can I see my delivery date before placing a delivery?
Considering a number of factors that are constantly shifting, the number of orders that can be sent out in a day is hugely variable. So, during the COVID-19 outbreak, giving you an exact date of delivery before placing the order would be tough. Our broadcast email in the morning following your day or order placement will help you track the estimated delivery date. 
What is the best way to know and track my delivery date?
The broadcast email on the morning after your day of order placement. The said broadcast email will reach you by 12 p.m. following the day of your order placement. And everyday thereafter.Though you will get a confirmation email as soon as you place the order.Please do not go by the date and time as suggested by the website.Whether its automatically generated, or customized and input by you,THAT IS NOT APPLICABLE DURING COVID-19 TIMES. The STATUS OF YOUR ORDER WILL BE GIVEN BY THE BROADCAST EMAIL THE FOLLOWING MORNING. EMAILING SERVICE@Grocery4me.COM WILL BE A DOUBLE EFFORT FOR BOTH OF US, IN THESE WORK-LOADED TIMES, when our only priority is to bring your provisions to you ASAP, per the QUEUE OF ORDERING. We honestly appreciate your understanding. We are trying our sincere best, and this seems to be the best course of action.
Can I modify existing orders- add on, removals, combining two orders?
Soon, you will be able to do it on your own, at the website. For now, please email us a list.
How can you best make use of's services?
Set your pantry with an 'in reserve' button, just like that red warning line on your car's fuel gauge. As soon as you see some items at that threshold line, place an order with us, keeping in mind the current lead time needed to ship out your order. In this manner, your kitchen would be assured of a constant supply from us, without a dry interval.
Will there be missing items in my order during the COVID-19 crisis?
A possibility of missing items cannot be ruled out during COVID19. We understand that just like us, our suppliers and vendors are also facing constantly shifting conditions during this tricky time. As such, we cannot fully assure you that all of your order will be delivered. Yet , we will try our sincere best to make sure that you aren't continuously deprived of your staple needs.  Most of our stock gets replenished quickly, such that your next order a week later (for example) would most probably carry that item.
How do I get refunded for missing items?
Simply email us with a subject line: Missing Item, XXXX(insert order number). Within the body of the email, clearly type out the missing items. The money will be refunded to your card or PayPal anytime with 2 days to a week.
How do I get a full refund/cancellation done?
Simply email us with a subject line: CANCEL
Indicate your order number within the body of the email, and if possible, a reason for cancellation. Your money will be refunded to your card within 2 days to a week.