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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grocery4me?


At Grocery4me our mission is to provide high quality groceries to the communities we serve. To support healthy choices and transform your vitality and aliveness by bringing wholesome and nutritious ingredients to you and your family, straight to your home.We aim to build a thriving sustaining cutting edge marketplace for the new age integrating technology, science of food, and bringing awareness to our customers on their food choices and the impact on their health.

How do I place an order at Grocery4me?

Grocery4me is an online grocery store. We have made this very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can find products based on categories or by brand. If you want to search for a product then you can use our search option. You can add products to cart, select an delivery time and then go to the checkout page. Make payments online and place the order.

What is your delivery schedule?
No we  currently deliver every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.
Can I see my delivery date before placing a delivery?
Yes, you will always be able to see your delivery date before you place an order.
What is the best way to know and track my delivery date?
You will get a text the morning of your delivery, so you know the estimated time of your delivery.
Can I modify existing orders- add on, removals, combining two orders?
No, edits can't be done after an order is being processed.
How can you best make use of's services?
Set your pantry with an 'in reserve' button, just like that red warning line on your car's fuel gauge. As soon as you see some items at that threshold line, place an order with us, keeping in mind the current lead time needed to ship out your order. In this manner, your kitchen would be assured of a constant supply from us, without a dry interval.
Will there be missing items in my order during the COVID-19 crisis?
No, we keep inventory of every product! (except dairy and produce)
How do I get refunded for missing items?
See Help Cent for steps on refunds.