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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Grocery4me.

Grocery4me is a online grocery store. We make grocery shopping easy and convenient. We are the only store to provide at home delivery.

How do I place an order at Grocery4me?

Grocery4me is a online grocery store. We have made this very intuitive and easy to navigate. You can find products based on categories or by brand. If you want to search for a product then you can use our search option. You can add products to cart, select an delivery time and then go to the checkout page. Make payments online and place the order.

What is cutoff time for same day delivery ?

Order before 3 pm and we will deliver on the next day. Evening deliveries are between 4.30pm and 10pm. or on the cart page just pick up a delivery date and time.

Due to heavy demand those delivery slots may get quickly filled up. In that case please select some other date/timings that works for you.

What if I dont find some product on your website ?

This is possible there is no one store that carries all the products. If you do not find any product, On the cart page we have notes for seller.In this you can add a note for those products. We will check with local store and pick those products for you.

After we pick up those products we will know the price and accordingly we will send an invoice to you this confirms that the products are picked up. For this pickup an additional Pick up fee of $3.99 will be applied.

Please make sure that the invoice is paid before the delivery time, if its unpaid then our delivery team wont be able to deliver those additional products.

What about quality of products ?

We don't compromise on quality, We work with distributors to get the right products. Most of the products are branded products and are factory packed we don't do our packing.

Most of the products are factory packed and the brands have been around for a long time so we all know those brands.

Like Rice products, We work with 24-mantra, Lal Quila, Khazana, Royal (Non GMO), Udupi and selected brands.

Atta products, We work with 24-mantra, Sujata, Aashirvaad and selected brands. Dals/Pulses and flour products, We work with 24-mantra, Sun, Deep and selected brands.

Vegetables, We get good quality vegetables hand pick those so as to ensure that you get good quality.

Note: We guarantee fresh and good quality vegetables, We do in-person delivery, If for any reasons you don't like the quality of our vegetables please feel free to return it to our delivery person and we will issue a refund.

Note: We will not accept any returns after the delivery person leaves, so please make sure that you are satisfied when the delivery person comes for delivery.

Quality is one of the reasons that we have big percentage of repeat customers.

What are my benefits vs shopping in local stores ?

Shopping on Grocery4me means convenience of shopping, better quality products and savings.

Convenience in Shopping: Shopping online and getting home delivery is much more convenient, time savings as compared of going to stores. Even if you stay next door to the store, the stores have their own opening and closing timing, you still have to walk to the store, browse through aisles, stand in queue, pay for bags etc. Also you have to make sure that the store is open only then you can shop, Most of the stores open at 10am. At you can shop any time we are open 24x7 and you get a home delivery. All this is a very convenient way to get Indian groceries. We try to save you a trip to the Grocery Store.

Better Quality than Stores: Our grocery products falls in two major categories.Packed and Un-Packed, Un-packed products are Vegetables: In stores the vegetables are displayed in open boxes, To check the quality of products customers use Nails to poke the veggies, hold it in hands and pick up few veggies. So before you pick up a vegetable chances are least 10-20 customers have touched or poked the same veggie. How hygienic is all that are you really buying hygienic stuff for your family ? For this un hygienic customers spend time and then stand in the Que to pay for this products. Other than this, many times we find that vegges are not fresh, but since we dont have time to go to different store so we end up purchasing those veggies. With Grocery4me all this is taken care of, we get our veggies in boxes we store those boxes in our commercial refrigerators, when an order comes we pick up from box, make sure we are giving good quality, then put those in grocery bags and deliver those to you. Here the grocery is handled by 1-2 persons, no nail poking. Other important note is We guarantee good quality vegetables and we do in-person delivery, if you dont like the quality of vegetables please return it to delivery person and we will issue you an refund.About Packed Groceries:Many customers have this question and they get packed groceries at all major store, how is Grocery4me different. Many Major stores have started to introduce their own brands and own packing.Our Indian groceries are all imported products, so when the stores are in the business of packing and promoting their own brand means quality takes back seat, Stores packing and selling means questionable quality. We at Grocery4me are not in the business of repacking, We work with top brands and established distributors. You will find only known brands on our website, like 24-Mantra, Sun Brand, Deep foods, Laxmi Brands, Khazana, Lal Qilla, Sujatha, K-Pra, Royal, Udupi, etc. Apart from brands, All food products have self life and an expiry dates. When you pick up from store its your responsibility to check for expiry dates, but when we deliver its entirely our responsibility. If you check yelp reviews of all major Indian grocery stores you will find that this is a very common complaint that a store sold them expired products.

Savings:At you shop online from your home or office or on your phone. We are open 24x7 and we deliver grocery to you. The time saved and the cost of transportation is itself a big savings. Going to grocery store means spending least 30-40 mins or more. Assuming you visit a grocery store once a week, In the whole year there are 52 weeks. For all the convenience and savings we charge a small convenience fee and we keep it very very reasonable.

Quality and Convenience are two main reasons that we have large percentage of repeat customers.

Where do you deliver ?

Grocery4me delivers to almost all the Bay area. On the homepage we have a zipcode checker, You can enter the delivery zipcode on the homepage. Using this we can check if the delivery is available or not.

Whats the cost for this convenient way of Grocery Shipping ?

With Grocery4me you save time,money and the hassle of going to the Grocery store. This is a great easy and convenient way of getting grocery. We are currently offering free delivery for orders $25 and above.

In most cases, trip to the Grocery store involves the driving to the store, search for parking, walking through the aisles, searching for products in the aisles, pick up those products then stand in checkout lines. In the end you may purchase shopping bags and carry those bags to the car and drive back home. All this costs you time and money, not to mention the hassle of doing all this.

Another imp fact is the physical Grocery stores have fixed timings, but with Grocery4me we are online 24x7, You can order anytime pick up a delivery slot and receive the grocery at home. That's a convenient and easy way.

How do we justify the convenience fee or Handling and delivery charges.

Normally for Indian Grocery shopping most of us end up driving to the store, search for parking, pick up all the products, stand in the long que at checkout, pay for shopping bags, carry groceries back to the car and drive back home. In short trip to Grocery store costs us time and money. We aim to make the grocery shopping convenient and easy. To make this service convenient we handle the grocery for you, pick up all the groceries from different aisles and deliver those to your place. This itself is a big convenience, save a trip to the grocery store. To offset some of our costs we charge you a small convenience fee. You will find this fee on the checkout page. We aim to keep this fee as low as possible, if you think we have saved you time and money then feel free to place an order.

After placing an order, when can I expect my delivery.

While placing an order you can select a delivery date and time. This will help us serve you better. If for any reasons if you do not select a delivery time, then we will call you to select a delivery time. For better service we advise please select the delivery time on the cart page. In absence of delivery time, we will try to deliver your products in earliest available delivery time slot.

Do you deliver at the doorstep ?

We make every effort to deliver at the doorstep. The only time we cannot do a door delivery is when the order weight is more than 30 lb. If your order weight is more than 30 lbs then be prepared to come to the delivery car/van to receive your products. Or for Customers in Gated community or apartments on 2nd or 3rd levels apartments please come to the delivery vehicle.

In some cases your order weight is above 30 lbs and you may be sick (medical condition) or be a senior citizen or have a baby to take care then please let our delivery person know about this and we will bring the grocery to your doorstep.

How do you handle returns ?

All sales are final and we do not accept any returns, If the product has any issues or defect give us an call and we will work on case to case basis. For non perishable products like Dals, Rice. For vegetables, please check at the time of delivery, once the delivery is done we will not accept any refunds.

What if I'am not home to receive my order ?

We will do our best to work with you to deliver at a different time or reschedule this, but for any reasons if you are not at home and we have to redeliver then we will charge you a redelivery fee of $5.99

What if I want to cancel the order.

You can cancel your order online or by contacting our customer service team at any time. A $10 late cancellation fee applies if you cancel and are within 24 hours of your delivery time.

Does Grocery4me make substitution?

Grocery4me aims to 100% fulfill your order. Occasionally market conditions beyond our control may cause an item to become unavailable. At times when we have items thats very similar to the item you ordered, we may make a substitution. We will call you and if you do not want that substitution then we will do a refund you for that item.

What are your working hours.

Grocery4me office hours are 10 am to 5 pm, however our delivery hours are from 4.30 pm to 10pm everyday.

How do I create an account.

You are welcome to create an account by visiting

Grocery4me doesn't deliver to my zip code. How do I receive deliveries from you ?

We pay special attention to new locations, please drop us a line on and we will definitely look at your area. While we are focussed in expanding, we'll always update you through email when we're able to offer you grocery4me service.

Do I have to return the Grocery4me bags ?

Grocery4me bags are our gift to you.

Are Grocery4me prices different from in-store prices ?

When possible Grocery4me works directly with the suppliers to bring you the best quality at a competitive price. We try to keep our pricing very competitive.

What if I find an item that is priced incorrectly or unfairly ?

If you notice an item that you believe is priced incorrectly or unfairly, please let us know. We reserve the right to cancel ordered items that are priced incorrectly due to error.

What type of payments do you accept ?

Grocery4me currently accepts all major US credit and debit cards. We are currently not for store gift cards, EBT cards, International Payments and other forms of payments.

Can I use multiple payment methods ?

Grocery4me currently accepts one forms of payments.

Do we get an order confirmation ?

Grocery4me sends an email notification and with the email you will have all the details of order, amount charged and a receipt.

Does Grocery4me accept personal checks or cash ?

Grocery4me would like to provide this, for now we have only online Payments.

 Does Grocery4me accept food-stamps ?

Grocery4me would love to accept food-stamps, but currently we are not able to do this. In future we plan to add this facility.

Some product images are bit different than the actual products ?

Images are for illustrative purposes, since we deal with imported items. At times images packing and bar-codes changes. Manufactures are also constantly changing ingredients, size, packing and some minor changes. We try our best to stay on top of item description. If you come across any product image which is not accurate. Then please feel free to email us on

What is the return policy ?

We work with major brands and every order is unique combination so its not possible to accept any returns. In case of any product issue please let us know and we will work with you on the returns.Please email us at