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Young Coconut (1piece)

Young Coconut (1piece)

Weight: 1.0 lb
$ 3.49

Fresh from Thailand, these tropical fruits are an ingredient in desserts, but are also great as a snack. Sweet Young Coconuts are six to nine months old and lack the husk of the more well-known mature coconut. You will be delighted with the sweet flavor of the coconut’s refreshing water which is said to be pure and beneficial for one's health.

Enjoy right out of hand as a quick snack! The tender flesh of this immature coconut can be scooped out with a spoon and chopped for fruit salads or simply eaten as a delicious treat. Sweet Young Coconuts can also be used in drinks or as a sweet flavoring in any of your favorite desserts. They are perishable, so keep them refrigerated.

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